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August 1, 2016

How to Install a Window Well

The purpose of the window well is to allow more light to enter and keep away water and soil away from a window that is positioned on the ground. The depth of the window wells to the ground are usually few feet or meters. To assist in drainage of water, a layer of gravel is also added. Window wells are both useful as well as decorative addition to the house. The window wells requires less maintenance making them cost effective. It will be of great benefit if you can install a window well since it adds to the total utility and looks of the ground level windows.

From this article, you will tips that will help you avoid the common challenges that people face when installing window wells. To start with, position the window well on the basement window place. This will assist you in deciding on the area to dig the hole. Mark the area of about 15 cm around the well. The next step involves digging the hole of the marked perimeter. It should be of adequate depth. Make sure that the hole slants away from the house foundation. The drain will be vital in taking water away from the house foundation since such water can be harmful.

Prepare some gravel which you will use to cover the bottom of the well. The thickness of the cover should be around 4 inches. Attaching the window well to the foundation is the next procedure. On the window well, marks the positions of the bolts. Those are the points of attachment between the window and the foundation. Grilling is the process used to fix most of the window wells. You need to check your window well design since some manufacturers may design them differently. On the marks you made, draw holes using a driller. You can then fix the bolts through the holes drilled to the foundation.

Ensure to fill the perimeter all around the window well with gravel on both sides. Four inches of gravel around the installation can work. Fill the residual part of the hole with soil. A shovel can be of great use when compacting the soil to ensure firmness of the window well. At this point, you can relax with the surety that more light will get access into the house. In case there is a lot of water that is collecting around the well, you can install drainage to take away water from the foundation. You should also cover your window well with a plastic sheet or shell to keep away rain, and leaves. Debris collecting on the grills can damage the window.
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